Saturday, September 17, 2011

[DFN014] Kristian Day "Greenwood Park" OUT NOW

Kristian Day is an independent filmmaker whose work in experimental music has been relatively unknown up to this point, which is really a shame because this is some of the best stuff I've ever put on a microcassette. Inspired early on by the works of artists such as Boyd Rice and Merzbow, Day built his own DIY equiptment as a teen and has been recording film soundtracks and the like for ten years, though only recently has he begun to release his work. And I'm very proud to be one of the first labels to do so. Expect eerie, ethereal ambient sounds with clear echoes of Day's work with film soundtracks. Highly reccommended.

$5 for one MC30 microcassette. Comes with custom stickers & three-panel insert. First twelve[+?] copies printed on high quality green cardstock.

Contact at

[DFN013] Rejet "metaphysique" OUT NOW

Relative newcomer Rejet, who released the "le culte du néant" CD-R on Smell The Stench earlier this year, hits Dictafawn with three long compositions of ghostly, wall-like harsh noise in the hour-long microcassette "metaphysique." Nuanced yet saturated with 'monolithic' cacophony signature to Rejet's style.

$5 for one MC60. Come with two-panel insert and custom stickers.

*Note the first few copies have slightly smaller stickers on them than standard Dictafawn releases, so apologies in advance.

Contact at