Friday, April 29, 2011

Label Discography

- [DFN001] The Uh..., Thank you for letting us take a dump on your bubblegum noise scene, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN002] Richard Kamerman, I stayed in the apartment for thirty-two days without leaving, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN003] Gigant, Ave Imperator, Morituri Te Salutant, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN004] Vomir, (untitled), MC30, 2011.
- [DFNWTF] ???, ???, MC??, 2011. (secret release)*
*Dick Move, Grim and Nekro PeniSSucking, MC00, 2011.
- [DFN005] Unicorngun, The Last Robot on Earth, single-sided MC60, 2011.
- [DFN006] Fear Konstruktor, Secret Spaces, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN007] zz, the signs that we missed, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN008] Zenith, Ragnarok, MC60, 2011.
- [DFN009] Abortus Fever, Abortus Fever, single-sided MC60, 2011.
- [DFN010] Unholy Analog Noise Machine, Pandora, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN011] zz, i, gorgon (2011), MC30, 2011.
- [DFN012] Placenta Lyposuction, Wrath of the Womb, MC60, 2011.
- [DFN013] Rejet, metaphysique, MC60, 2011.
- [DFN014] Kristian Day, Greenwood Park, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN015] Extreme Chafing / Sirotek, split, MC60, 2011.
- [DFN016] Marax, Terror Shroud, MC60, 2011.
- [DFN017] Anonymous Guise Guys, Monophonic Research, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN018] Eoforwine, Black Box, MC30, 2011.
- [DFN019] Raven, Killing Fields, MC40* (*on MC60), 2011.
- [DFN020] Carl Kruger, Wild Music III, MC30, 2012.
- [DFN021] Sindre Bjerga, Possibly False, MC60, 2012.
- [DFN022] Churner, Monowall, MC30, 2012.
- [DFN023] Mansfield Deathtrap Rerecordings, untitled, MC60, 2012.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is a template for a microcassette j-card insert with 3 panels:

This is a template for a microcassette j-card insert with 4 panels:

Personally, I would not go over 4 panels with normal printer/copier paper (15-20lb.) because the insert becomes too thick and the case doesn't close all the way.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Submission Guidelines (no longer applicable) & Label History


-Dictafawn is an underground music/noise label that releases microcassettes (which are awesome).

-Dictafawn accepts all genres and styles.
-I will try my best to produce a high fidelity transfer of your release, but given limitations of the format and of my equiptment, the final product will sound different from the original no matter what.
-I accept masters in microcassette, regular tape, mp3, wav and aiff. No FLACs please.
-Don't send masters in stereo sound. MONO MASTERS ONLY.
-Releases will be unlimited so long as I can afford the materials to produce them (unless the artist prefers a limitation)
-Inserts/j-cards will only be printed in black & [insert color of paper here], though specific visual appearance can be negotiated.
-You are responsible for pitching your release to me; I will NOT follow up on your progress or your proposal of your release unless it's already well into development. If you want to release something, get me your masters/art and I'll ladly update you as soon as I can for any relevant updates; it is YOUR responsiblity to see that I get those files, in your best interest to have your work released.

-Contact at

Dictafawn is an underground music/noise label producing releases exclusively in the microcassette format, with a potential internet archive page for discontinued or net-only releases in the future.

First of all, Dictafawn will do it's best to produce a product that looks and sounds professional, given the limitations of the format. Dictafawn is also dedicated to matching the artist's intended aesthetic(s) as closely as possible, and as such I expect submissions to reflect an adequate amount of effort and a reasonable sense of satisfaction on the artist's part in releasing his/her material on my label. Due to the increasing scarcity and costliness of microcassettes, it wouldn't make sense to keep on producing the same lackluster passive cutup curiousities as is the apparent tendency of many noise artists today.

Please only submit original works for the label, or re-releases of discontinued or exceptionally rare works (preferably updated or altered from the original in some way, though I'll do my best to work within the artist's visions). If I scratch your back, please scratch mine.


Frankly, microcassettes are getting more and more expensive, and less and less common. I'm always hunting for deals and I can't always find a product consistent in quality or even space. Thus, unless the artist specifies a limitation, I will likely make copies based on demand, unlimited, until either the artist would like to upload his/her work for free or I run out of the appropriate materials for the release.

In regards to the comment on space, I can ONLY do 30 minute or 60 minute microcassettes. Please keep this in mind when sending in a master.

When recording under a specific time limit, please keep recordings down to the alloted time for each side minus a few. For example, if you want to release a 30 minute microcassette and don't want any of your material cut off by accident, please keep each side no more than fifteen minutes apiece. This ensures I can cue up the master so nothing is lost on the copy.

I can record in two speeds: 2.4 and 1.2. The standard is 2.4 though if the artist choses (and if there is enough capacity) I can record a release in 1.2. In essence, 1.2 doubles the time capacity of a microcassette, but the  dynamic range is less than a 2.4 recording.

Dictafawn accepts and
encourages a variety of genres: noise, experimental, black metal, folk, hip-hop, post rock, pop... if I like it and/or you put your honest effort into it, chances are I won't turn it down. Of course, don't expect to become the next Justin Beiber using this label as a launchpad. This is a place for independents, for home tapers, for people with a genuine interest in the underutilized microcassette format.

If you plan on making your own artwork or even packaging, please let me know. I can provide a digital template for a standard microcassette insert and up to three additional panels (think of how compact cassettes sometimes have multi-paneled j-cards for additonal info). If this isn't necessary, then please send artwork electronically, either by email, photobucket or a file-sharing service,
in print ready form.

Basically, print ready means I can print it off my computer without it looking like shit (unless you want it to look like shit). Technically, this means images should be
300 dpi minimum resolution. I can only accept JPG files; if you need to transfer a gif or other format to jpg, there's several free websites that should allow you to do so.

Please leave room for me to add relevant label information, or I'll dictate to you via email what to type. Otherwise I can type or add text/pictures myself; in which case, please tell me the font(s) you used.
There's only three colors I print in: black, gray, and whatever color the paper is. I mention grays because your artwork doesn't have to be threshold i.e. midtones are okay.If you want a certain color paper, I'll do my best to find what you're looking for. If you can provide the materials yourself, see me for further info.

I can make art for your release aswell, if you're so inclined, but this will slow down the process.

All Dictafawn releases, unless otherwise noted, will have custom stickers applied to the actual microcassette tape, bearing the name of the artist, release, the Dictafawn logo and/or any other relevant information. The labels will be plain black-on-white text to save money, though I could use non-printing mateials to color them i.e. markers, crayons, blood, etc.


Dictafawn accepts master recordings in the following formats:

-compact cassette ("regular" tape)
Mono sounds ONLY: do NOT send recordings in stereo or recordings with stereo effects (panning, etc.) as one of the two channels will be lost when recording to the mono microcassette format.

I do NOT accept FLAC.

Microcassette and tape masters will be directly transferred to microcassette copies.

CDs and all digital files will be copied to my computer with a second master disc burned at 20x speed.

While microcassettes are inherently lo-fidelity, covering roughly the human vocal range, I do my best to retain high fidelity recordings with the advent of a direct box and a low-voltage power source for master players.


With some exceptions, again pending the artist's vision, I will require minimal, general info for each release. Namely,
-Artist/band name
-Name of release
-A brief description of your sounds/genres
-Web address/Website (if applicable)
-Date(s)/year(s) recorded (NOT when released)


The Dictafawn name was coined by Irish noise artist Bipolar Joe.

Because this is bound to come up, the [current] Dictafawn logo uses the Futura typeface (in homage to a later Dictaphone company logo) and a cropped public domain clipart image from (
According to the site,

"This drawing is public domain artwork or was derived from public domain artwork, and to the best of our knowledge and research, there are no copyright restrictions on usage."

Thus, Dictafawn is not in violation of any copyright infringement in regards to it's current logo... not that anyone would want to sue a label that'll likely lose less money than it makes.

Please make out any questions, comments, concerns and/or inquiries to:

Best regards,

-My Lovely Figment