Thursday, May 26, 2011

[DFN007] zz "the signs that we missed" OUT NOW

For those of you who've heard zz's exceptional opening track on the similarly excellent "Music To Fuck To" compilation (pigdurt productions), or are fimiliar with his own label Witch Sermon, chances are you'll dig his output in this release as well. Two long tracks with distinctive movements within, like a musical score, following a roughly improvisational noise aesthetic. Baby monitors used as theremins and sparse percussion can be heard throughout drones of unidentifiable conversations from beyond and then some.

$5 for one MC30 microcassette. Comes with 2-panel inset & custom labels.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[DFN006] Fear Konstruktor "Secret Spaces" OUT NOW

Four track demo of experimental industrial from Russia! As per NIkita's previous releases, the artwork is excellent. The sounds? Hard to explain. Like... an ancient synth possessed by Aboriginal spirits in the middle of an abandoned factory. Real nice stuff to listen to.

Note: The first few copies of this release had some major spelling errors, which have been identified on small, additional inserts included with such copies. Future copies will have corrected artwork, though for now, the correct insert can be found here:

$5 for one MC30 (about 20-21 minutes of acutal material). Comes with three-panel insert and custom labels.

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Paypal is accepted, but please confirm your order, mailing address & paypal handle/email BEFORE sending any money.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

[DFN005] Unicorngun "The Last Robot on Earth" OUT NOW

Experimental up-and-comer Unicorngun creates a breathtaking half-hour of guitar drones and ambient noises generated from the eponymous cyborg, who I can only assume is dying and went out with a bang when it found out it was going to be recorded on a format that predated it's existence by a ludicrous number of years. Unicorngun has previous experience with the microcassette format in his highly reccomended folk project The Pasty Proletariat, as well as experimenting with other diverse mediums like VHS tape, as well as organizing the databending noise compilation "Dò+µ•¿‘+È∫W«." All in 2011 alone. One of my favorite releases to produce to date.

$5 for one single-sided MC60. Comes with lush four-panel insert with photography by Unicorngun himself, and a custom label.

Please email at for further details. Please provide mailing address BEFORE sending order.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[DFN004] Vomir (untitled) OUT NOW

Thirty minutes of superb crushing noise walls from this prolific French artist, on his first ever microcassette release. If you know his work, you know what you're in for: droning, deep, deindividualized. No actual cover art for this release, as each copy comes with a single-edged razor blade in a customized sheath.

$5 ppd for one MC30 microcassette. Comes with razor blade insert and custom tape labels.

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- - -

Details are scarce at this time, but there will also be a special mystery release coming soon to a select few customers, likely the first x-amount of orders. The artist has specified his name to not be released until the work is sent, and there will be a limited amount of releases as per his request. Just know that "for some of you," and I quote, "it'll be a blast from the pASSt..."

EDIT: All copies of said secret release are gone.

Monday, May 16, 2011

[DFN003] Gigant "Ave Imperator, Morituri Te Salutant" OUT NOW

Dark cascades of distorted torment await you in this release by Serbian HNW artist Gigant. This is Dictafawn's first release based off of a direct-to-microcassette master tape, as Gigant provides some lo-fi noise walls that actually sound akin to power electronics in some parts. I have no idea what the title translates into: maybe, "buy this so I can eat bacon" ???

$5 ppd for one MC30 microcassette. Comes with 2-panel insert and custom tape labels.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

[DFN002] Richard Kamerman "I stayed in the apartment for thirty-two days without leaving" OUT NOW

Near-wall noise and random intermissions are the bread and butter of this release by Richard Kamerman. Previously appearing on Bored Bear's Silence = Death queer noise compilation, this release jumps ahead and continues the excerpt from an apparently much larger track of unpredictable glitch noise.

$5 ppd for one MC30 microcassette. Comes with 3-panel insert and custom tape labels.

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[DFN001] The Uh... "Thank you for letting us take a dump on your bubblegum noise scene" OUT NOW

First ever release on Dictafawn!

S.P.I.N.-affiliated noise unit The Uh... presents a cacophonous half hour of measured chaos. There's a rumor that c.u.m. came in after Varg and recorded himself playing the banjo with Euronymous' vokill chords, saving that nasty little recording for nearly twenty years to use exclusively for this release. Could it be true?... probably not, but worth a listen regardless, if Gacy's artwork didn't already tip you off.

$5 ppd for one MC30 microcassette. Comes with 2-panel insert and custom tape labels.

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