Friday, June 1, 2012

[DFN023] Mansfield Deathtrap Rerecordings "untitled" OUT NOW

Probably the most obscure artist ever featured here on Dictafawn, Mr. David Mansfield (or is it Mr. S?) has kept a very low profile in the noise and experimental scene since the early 90's, yet he's created literally hundreds of tapes, CD-Rs, art objects and of course microcassettes across several relatively unknown labels across Wisconsin. Out of a box set of nineteen tapes I bought off of him, I picked a completely bare [of info] Maxell Communicator Series C30 tape of wild shitjazz and was given the green light to release it here on Dictafawn.

But wait, the master was a C30, yet this isn't an MC30... what else could be on here?...

$5 for one MC60 microcasette. Comes with 2-panel insert, custom sticker and a strange, elongated case. Two variants of them, in fact.

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