Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[DFN006] Fear Konstruktor "Secret Spaces" OUT NOW

Four track demo of experimental industrial from Russia! As per NIkita's previous releases, the artwork is excellent. The sounds? Hard to explain. Like... an ancient synth possessed by Aboriginal spirits in the middle of an abandoned factory. Real nice stuff to listen to.

Note: The first few copies of this release had some major spelling errors, which have been identified on small, additional inserts included with such copies. Future copies will have corrected artwork, though for now, the correct insert can be found here:

$5 for one MC30 (about 20-21 minutes of acutal material). Comes with three-panel insert and custom labels.

Contact at

Paypal is accepted, but please confirm your order, mailing address & paypal handle/email BEFORE sending any money.

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