Saturday, May 21, 2011

[DFN005] Unicorngun "The Last Robot on Earth" OUT NOW

Experimental up-and-comer Unicorngun creates a breathtaking half-hour of guitar drones and ambient noises generated from the eponymous cyborg, who I can only assume is dying and went out with a bang when it found out it was going to be recorded on a format that predated it's existence by a ludicrous number of years. Unicorngun has previous experience with the microcassette format in his highly reccomended folk project The Pasty Proletariat, as well as experimenting with other diverse mediums like VHS tape, as well as organizing the databending noise compilation "Dò+µ•¿‘+È∫W«." All in 2011 alone. One of my favorite releases to produce to date.

$5 for one single-sided MC60. Comes with lush four-panel insert with photography by Unicorngun himself, and a custom label.

Please email at for further details. Please provide mailing address BEFORE sending order.

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